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Benton Pore Clear Brush


AntibacterialSilicon HypoallergenicBrush BlackHead.Washing your face with hands, how clean will it be?Wash your face clearly even in deep pores, wastes and sebum with a fine antibacterial silicone brush!An antibacterial silicon brush that.effectively removes wastes and sebum from pores that cannot be seen. Also with 4000 fine silicone wool with 0.4mm thickness, it allows delicate cleaning throughout the skin with an air cushion-type brush

All skin types

Made in Korea

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The Benton Pore Clear Brush is a cleansing brush made from quick-drying antibacterial silicone. It contains 4 000 micro bristles, each 0.4 mm thick, which assist to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and clear out dirt and sebum from your pores much better than what your bare hands are capable of. The brush has an air pump mechanism which ensures that is comfortable to use on your skin and prevents irritations. The brush comes with a convenient holder that can be fixed on glass or mirrored surfaces to help dry and store it.

How to Use:

1. Fill air into the brush as much as necessary.
(The more air you inject, the stronger the cleansing will be.)
2. Apply foam cleanser to your skin or put it on a pore brush.
3. Use Benton Pore Clear Brush for massage cleansing.
4. After cleansing, rinse the pore brush with clean water and store it on the suction plate.
(You can store the brush by gluing the enclosed suction plates to glass, tiles, etc. If there is moisture on the holder, it may fall off, so remove moisture and press it down.)
How to Fill Air – Pump the brush to inject the appropriate amount of air.
How to Control Air – Press the white button on the cap at the top of the handle to let out as much air as you wa

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