Innisfree my hair recipe strength tonic essence 100ml

Innisfree my hair recipe strength tonic essence 100ml


A silicone-free hair tonic essence that helps strengthen the hair roots of scalp with nourishing recipe Contains Jeju Phytoncide complex, Ginseng and Biota Seed. Healthy hair root care Contains ginseng saponin ingredient to keep hair root healthy.


All skin types

Made in Korea

EXP:18 Sep,2026

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Provides nourishing nutrients from deep within, helping to increase hair elasticity and bring healthy hair.

-The convenient mist type provides immediate refreshing effect for the scalp while leaving it with a fresh    finish.

-Components from Jeju-native pine, cedar and cypress trees relieve scalp stress to make the scalp healthy.

– Restores broken collagen fibers in the hair structure, helps shiny hair, reduces loss after a period of use.

– Stimulates circulation of blood vessels under the scalp and reduces stress on the scalp.

– Provides moisture for hair that is always silky, fluffy, and free of tangles.

How to Use: Shake well before use. Spray an adequate amount onto the scalp and massage gently to enhance absorption.

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