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Jejuon Cuthera Green Mandarin Serum 45mL


It contains a support system with the moisture and nutrients of hyaluronic acid., Nutritional care for the skin with fruit-erived energy from naturally grown berries. Weakly-acidic pH index that the skin craves most. Silicon range oil is not used. A naturally-derived aroma in citrus range, which is the refreshing aroma of organic.

Volume: 45 ml
All type Skin
Made in Korea

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Do you know unripe green tangerine contains more nutrition than ripe tangerine? Green tangerine contains 2 times more Polyphenol, Flavonoid, and Vitamin C than ripe tangerine which give anti-aging effect.
Unripe green tangerine serum moisturizes and brightens skin with organic unripe tangerine and honey extract. Organic green tangerine (3100ppm), citrus blossom honey and berry fruit ingredients contain high level of vitamin C which gives strong antioxidant effect. Olive extract provides silky texture. No silicone oil has been used.
Natural preservatives, natural essential oil scents
Completed skin irritation safety test
pH: 5.0 – 5.6 acidity
Fresh immature green tangerine scent
Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive skin
Vegan friendly


Ethylhexyl olivate, mandarin extract, honey extract, berry ingredient, root extract

How to Use:

After using toner, apply appropriate amount evenly on the face and the neck. Follow with lotion and/or cream.

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