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Jejuon Cuthera Turmeric Serum 45mL


Removes Free Radicals & Slows Down Skin Aging, Increases Pro-Collagen For Wrinkle Reduction & Elasticity of Skin, Contains Flavonoids as Anti-Oxidants & Vitamin C that Prevent Melanin Formation & Enhance Whitening, Contains Linolene as Vitamin F the Essential Fatty Acid that Keeps the Skin Shine, Smooth & Moist, Natural Ingredients of Jeju Island Korea

Volume: 45ml
All type Skin
Made in Korea

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Turmeric therapy containing the energy of Jeju’s volcanic soil
The JEJUON Cutheria Turmeric Line consists of natural cosmetics made with turmeric and herbs grown in the herb farm in Jeju.
Turmeric root extract and lotus leaf extract protect tired skin and purify and clear the skin.

Grown and manufactured in Jeju
Turmeric therapy containing the energy of Jeju’s volcanic soil
Turmeric grown directly in volcanic ash soil containing the nature of Jeju
complex ingredients combining ingredients of Jeju are developed through scientific verification.
A product true to “Made in Jeju”, created with our hands

* Patent acquired for cosmetic composition containing turmeric extract
Contains turmeric root extract, lotus leaf extract, and grown in Jeju to restore dull skin and return vitality. You can feel the skin return to its original health.
turmeric leaf extract

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Ingredient Care / Turmeric Root Extract Healthy from deep inside with turmeric root extract grown in the nature of Jeju

Fortification of dermal health
Curcumin in turmeric removes free radicals and slows down skin aging.
Skin tone improvement
Inhibits melanocyte activation by inhibiting the tyros’ nase enzymes that make melanocytes.
Moisture filling • elasticity improvement
Increase in pro-collagen synthesis relieves damaged dermal structure and is effective in wrinkle reduction and elasticity.
(* The above description is limited to ingredient characteristics)

Ingredient Care / Lotus Leaf Extract With the incredible vitality of the lotus flower that blooms in the mud

Dermal health / Removes free radicals
The flavonoids of the lotus flower act as anti-oxidants and vitamin C prevents free radical formation to delay skin aging.
Skin tone improvement
Vitamin C facilitates collagen synthesis and prevents melanin formation, effective in whitening.
Skin protection and glow creation Li nolene, known as vitamin F, is an essential fatty acid that gives skin shine and smoothness, and prevents drying.
Abrasion care
Tannin treats abrasion and causes homeostasis.
Tne :::oove description is limited to ingredient characteristics)

Scent & Texture / How are the fragrance and texture like?
Mild fragrance Contains essential oils. It contains the warm and comforting fragrance of Jeju forest, hugging you like a blanket with scented geranium flower oil, common jasmine oil, and damask rose flower oil.
Viscous texture with fully enriched nutrients
It is a texture of translucent viscous type. Nutrient is fully enriched in a drop of serum, which can fill up health inside the skin. It does not contain silicon oil to absorb deep inside the skin, which is even healthier.

Major Ingredients: 

– Fresh turmeric extract: curcumin in fresh turmeric reduces inflammation, prevents aging, brightens skin, moisturizes, stimulates collagen generation
– Lotus leaf extract: contains antioxidants, vitamin C prevents aging, brightens skin, contains vitamin F and fatty acids to help skin smooth, balance skin.

How to Use:

After the toner step, pour the serum into your hands and gently massage the skin and neck

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