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Koelcia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 99% 300g


All around multi soothing gel enriched with 99% Aloe Vera extract. It permeates fast into the skin, leaving it fresh, moist, and smooth. This soothing gel can be used on face and body.
Volume: 300ml
All skin types
Made in Korea

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The gel fills the skin with moisture, soothes it, relieves irritation, relieves peeling. Aloe vera gel has a wound-healing effect, has a beneficial effect on the skin and heals it at the cellular level.
Enzymes, vitamins and other biologically active substances in the composition of aloe have a tonic and cooling effect, therefore, aloe vera gel is recommended for use after aggressive exposure of the sun to the skin, as well as to reduce pain after insect bites.
Aloe creates an imperceptible but very effective barrier on the skin that prevents the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and fungal infections, and also helps to cope with an existing acne rash. Aloe juice does not clog pores, regulates the sebaceous glands and gives the skin a healthy matte.
Cream-gel can also be used as:
moisturizing body gel
express mask for the face and skin around the eyes
moisturizing makeup base
cream after shaving and hair removal
hand cream, nail and cuticle
moisturizing mask for dry and brittle hair
It is recommended to store the gel in the refrigerator to give an additional refreshing and cooling effect.
How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the face and body skin that needs to be sedated and moistened.

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