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Missha Chogongjin Sosaeng Eye Cream 30ml


This ginseng-enriched eye cream targets wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area, restoring hydration, elasticity and firmness to skin. Oriental medicinal ingredients provide intense nourishment to skin. Use day and night.

Volume: 30ml

All skin types

Made in Korea

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MISSHA Misa Cho Gong Jin Eye Cream ia a comprehensive anti-aging natural oriental natural cream enriched with ‘Gongjinbichaekdan’ recipe, nourishes and renders the eye area elastic and well-groomed. – Solution for wrinkles around the eyes – Creamy texture provides maximum nutrition to the eye area by filling wrinkles and making the area healthy and elastic. – Fun and nutritious care ‘Gongjinbichaekdani’ recipe makes the treatment rich in nourishing, filling and tightening the ocular skin. Usage: Use the cream in the morning and evening, applying it immediately after applying the emulsion. Gently rub with your fingers until the cream is completely absorbed. The cream helps to fill the wrinkles not only with your eyes, but also around your mouth, and makes the whole face more elastic.

A high-nutrient intensive care eye cream that intensively cares for the skin around the eyes that are concerned about wrinkles and elasticity, and makes the skin moist and elastic.
After concentrating, separating, and purifying red ginseng extract at a high concentration, it undergoes enzymatic process to effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin.
The optimal combination of plant ingredients gives the skin moisture and shine.
Protects the skin from external heat irritation.
Skin irritation test completed.
Double functional cosmetic that improves wrinkles and whitening.

1. Treats deep wrinkles around the eye area
Nutrient-rich cream applies onto the skin to patch wrinkles
and enhance the skin’s overall health and resilience

2. Replenishes and firms skin using a special recipe that was carefully
formulated using principles of oriental medicine to ensure intense nourishment

3. Blends rare oriental medicinal ingredients with modern science
Ginseng Glycan – Ginseng extract is enriched with gastrin releasing peptide molecules, separated,
and purified, after which the enzymes are made into fine particles allowing for deeper penetration into the skin.
Ru-Trogen – a combination of oriental herbal ingredients to provide moisture and luster for beautiful skin.


Phellinus Linteus Extract, Butylene Glycol, Shea Butter, Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin), Dimethicone, etc.


How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount and spread over the area of concern, including the eye area, so that the contents soak well, and gently absorb it with your fingertips.


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