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MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence [Mist Type] 120ml


Part of MISSHA’s bestselling anti-aging skin care line, this essence is enriched with double fermented artemisia annua extract to soothe inflamed and acne-prone skin. Its lightweight texture absorbs quickly into skin and is highly versatile. The essence can also be used for DIY toner masking when soaked into cotton pads for a quick revitalizing pick-me-up!


Volume: 120ml
All skin types/sensitive/irritated/acne skin. 
Made in Korea

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New mist style!

Growing from a fertile land of Gangwha Island in Korea, the one and only key ingredient of this essence, Artemisia Annua has endured the sea breeze, capturing all of the essential vital power within. Being naturally fermented twice, once within warm environment and once more under cooler temperature within the traditional jar, the extract itself got more enriched. Holy grail ingredient for sensitive skin, Artemisia Annua immediately soothes/calms the irritated skin down, while it’s still capturing moisture within the skin.

✓ Irritated skin tone uniformization test completed ✓ Non-comedogenic test completed ✓ Completed sedation test by external stimuli ✓ Skin Stimulation Test Completed

1. Artemisia concentrate that went trough double natural fermentations
We have put Artemisia Annua Extract as they are by naturally fermenting it twice in warm and cold temperatures during September in Ganghwa Island
2. Artemisia soothing care for sensitive skin
We have used one single ingredient to soothe sensitive skin Non-comedogenic tested/ Test approved for acne skin
3. Mist type soothing care for sensitive skin
We have put the same content of Artemisia Treatment Essence in the bottle for even distribution of the content by the spray.
Suitable for sensitive skin


100% Artemisia Annua Extract

How to Use:

Moisten a cotton pad with 3-4 drops of the essence and smooth all over the face, gently patting and pressing palms into your face to aid absorption. Alternatively, apply essence with the palms of your hands.

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