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NARD Scalp Brush 1ea

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This waterproof shampoo brush with a perfect grip handle to fit comfortably in your hand. Features thick, soft silicone bristles to help gently massage the scalp. Helps remove dust and impurities from the scalp while stimulating blood flow to the scalp.


Volume: 1ea

All skin types

Made in Korea

Out of stock

The NARD Scalp Brush is a waterproof massage brush with a comfortable handle that fits your hand perfectly. The soft but thick silicone bristles help to massage your scalp to minimize dead skin and improve blood flow. Frequent scalp massaging helps to minimize hair loss and exfoliate the scalp to reveal thick and luscious hair.

How to Use:

When shampooing, use scalp brush to rub scalp for a minute.Massage your scalp.Rinse hair thoroughly with water while using the scalp brush.

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