Natural Jade Stone White Crystal Gua Sha Massage Tool for Face and Body(White)

Natural Jade Stone White Crystal Gua Sha Massage Tool for Face and Body(White)

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Magic from the East: Gua sha tool was designed to improve general well-being of your body, improve the micro-circulation of the facial blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids. Make you less stressed, more concentrated, look presentable, feel energized and healthy.

Special Design?Our Gua Sha board adopts a heart-shaped design, which not only makes it look more beautiful, but more importantly, it is designed according to the facial structure, which can help you massage the acupuncture points on your face, nose, neck and other body points to make you look younger and younger. More dynamic.

Products Absorption: The natural jade stone stays cool even when hot and feels smooth and comfortable. He will never hurt your skin. It also helps to absorb the nutrients and ingredients when you use mask or at bedtime with your oil or moisturizers

Gua Sha Natural Resin:Gua Sha Facial Tools is polished by natural resin which is good for Skin and Body Health. Promoting blood circulation ?reliefing the pain and losing elasticity. which is beneficial ultra smooth to Skin Beauty and Body Health, more easy-holding and effective. Super easy to care, static free.Every piece of Gu Sha board is naturally cut and has a unique color scheme. Each style is different. Everything is based on the actual product.

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BENEFITS OF GUASHA: Gua Sha, as a traditional oriental acupuncture therapy, helps to promote blood circulation, remove edema, expel toxins, nourish the skin and improve facial contour.

NATURAL MATERIALS: Made of 100% premium white crystal, the natural white crystal scraping board is extremely beneficial to health, which is means open your mind and develop your potential

WHOLE BODY CARE: The moderate size is suitable for all parts of the body, which helps to promote blood circulation, lift and tighten the skin, accelerate the absorption of essential oils and water emulsions, relieve muscle and joint pain and restore sports injuries.

REASONABLE DESIGN: Natural white crystal gua sha board adopts a heart-shaped design with ultra smooth edges, which helps to take care of every part of your body and will never hurt your skin.

SPECIAL GIFT: With exquisite gift box packaging, our gua sha board is the best choice for holiday gifts. As an ideal assistant for your daily care, it is designed for professional physiotherapists, sports coaches and everyone who wants to stay young and healthy.

Gua Sha Tools

Gua Shape is available in a variety of stones like Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst – along with unique Skin Gym shapes like Sculpty, Lovey, and Square to flatter your face shape and create your desired results.

When choosing stones, you can select Rose Quartz which metaphysically promotes love and positive energy, Jade for peace and balance, or Amethyst for protection. Along with the right shape to flatter your facial structure and beauty routine

Benefits of a Gua Sha
Help create a glowing and luminous complexion
Temporarily releases muscle tension
Soothes the most stressed or tired skin
Enhanced and sculpted featuresRefreshed under eyes to look more awake

Sculpty Gua Sha

The broad shape makes Sculpty easy to grip, and the longer and flat side is ideal for use on the larger areas of your face, like the neck and cheeks. The divot in this tool perfectly hugs the curves of your face, like the jawline for extreme definition, and may also be used gently around the under eyes to refresh your look.


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