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Neogen Dermalogy Black Energy Cream 80ml


Neogen Black Energy Cream is always one of the most interested products. Protects skin that may be exposed to irritation in a healthy way by holding the skin barrier and dryness.It helps to strengthen the skin barrier by delivering rich nutrients with natural-derived black complex ingredients that help soothe and revitalize the skin.


All skin types

Made in Korea

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Neogen Black Energy Cream is always one of the most interested products. Neogen is a famous cosmetics company from Korea. The products of the Neogen brand are not only related to makeup but also intensive skin care. The highlight of Neogen home products is the combination of advanced technology with natural ingredients, providing a perfect experience for customers. Deep absorption of benefits by providing moisture and nutrients to the skin during sleep with a thick gel texture full of nutrients and moisture.

    • Passed skin irritation test
    • Contains Black Complex ingredients that soothe and revitalize skin, leaving it with a healthy radiance
    • Formulated with 119 naturally derived ingredients to moisturize, nourish and lift up sagging skin

Ingredients: Alpha-lipoic-acid, Hyaluronic-acid

How to Use: At the last step of skin care, apply a proper amount on the face evenly and pat gently for better absorption.

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