Portable RF LED Rejuvenation Skin Lifting & Tightening Devices (Pink)

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Portable RF LED Rejuvenation Skin Lifting & Tightening Devices (Pink)

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Rejuvenates aged or patchy trouble spots
Generate collagen to smooth out wrinkles and fill in lines
Produce more elastin, giving your skin more elasticity
Soothe skin flare ups
Reduce excessive oil and buildup
Renew your natural glow
Portable, rechargeable, and safe
Facial Rejuvenation Machine combines color light therapy, radio frequency, and electrical stimulation to make the ultimate handheld facial rejuvenation machine.
The RF and electrical impulses invigorate your collagen-producing cells while opening your pores, letting the five light-emitting diodes penetrate your skin and deliver your skincare products subdermally. Each LED wavelength reaches a different layer of your dermis, providing multi-tiered treatments for issues with all skin types. With seven different modes, your unique skin will be taken care of. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, Coopala’s Facial Rejuvenation Machine brings spa skincare treatment to your home, car, or office. Take the spa with you.

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Portable RF LED Rejuvenation Skin Lifting & Tightening Devices
Input: DC5V 

Temperature: 6-42℃(±5℃)
Vibration: 8000(±10) rpm 
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Charging current: 500mA 
Power: MAX 8.5W
Battery capacity: 1000mAh 
Standby time: 45 days
Net weight: 145g 
Use time 5 min/time or 2 min/time
Machine size: 175*55*67mm 
Box size; 215*150*80mm

Relieve fatigue                                                            Diastolic&shrink pores

Lifting&tightening                                                      Wrinkle&skin whitening
Apply to Face, eye, neck; easy to carry, suitable for home and travel use


1. Acoustic virbration beauty principle

2. Hot and cool beauty principle
3. EMS beauty principle  ( Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
 4. LED photon beauty principle

Name of parts

①. Hot and cool panel ②. LCD display ③. Charging jack
④. USB charging cable ⑤. Power&Mode switch ⑥. LED photon button
⑦. Level of EMS and Tenperature ⑧. Circle of makeup cotton

1. Please take full charge before the first using. The charging time is about 2.5 hours. Long press with 3 seconds on power key 5

to start machine, defaulting claen mode in 1 level, then the beauty instrument work with vibrate and heat. According to personal skin needs, temperature can be adjusted by press key 7. You can adjuste LED Photon light by press key 6 in each mode(5 min smart timing for mode 1).
2. Press the power key 5 to the EMS lifting mode. The beauty instrument vibrates and production high EMS micro current. According to individual needs, you can adjust the EMS level by press key 7( 5 min smart timing for mode 3).
3. Press key 5 to switch the moisturizing mode. The beauty instrument will vibrate&heat and sent EMS micro current to skin. According to individual requirements, you can adjust the EMS intensity by press key7( 5min smart timing for mode 4).
4. Press the power key 5 to switch the Collagen Synthesis mode. The beauty instrument vibrates and cools while emitting EMS micro current to skin.
According to individual requirement, you can adjust the EMS intensity by press key 7 (2min smart timing for mode 5).

The five skin care functions are:


For tightening and lifting by activating cells, stimulating recombination and regeneration of collagen.

The EMS current stimulates the skin gently causing warmth and secondary muscular movement giving a tingling sensation to the skin. The device also stimulates the hypodermis to activate the cells and stimulate collagen production – shrinking and recombining as well as regenerating new collagen to make skin more firm, vigor and elastic; improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; leaving the skin smoother, more elastic, vibrant and younger-looking.


“Mesoporation” is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation which is widely used as mesotherapy without a needle in Europe. It achieves a high level of penetration into skin. It is reported that mesoporation can deliver 99% of the prepared formulation at the depth of 1mm and has a penetration degree  is about 10 times that of conventional iontophoresis in a 1mm depth of skin and 27 times in 4mm, and can have amazing effect for whitening and anti-aging depending on the products used.


Electroporation is an Enhanced Product Diffusion method which augments product penetration deep into the skin without needles. The macromolecular components of anti-aging ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are generally too large to penetrate to the deep layers of the skin. However, with “Electroporation” you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.


The premise behind RF is the electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes (positive and negative). When electricity runs through living tissue, the high energy flow generates heat bringing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and firming.


The LED Light Therapy function of this device offers 6 different colored options to treat a wide range of skin care conditions. They include Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Flashing Pink, Mixed.


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