Purito JEJU Volcanic Scoria Konjac Sponge

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Purito JEJU Volcanic Scoria Konjac Sponge

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As a 100% natural Konjac sponge that contains a Bamboo-charcoal component which reduces skin temperature and has an antibacterial & natural anti-oxidant effect, it contains pure activated carbon. It is safe to use for sensitive skin as there are not bleach and dye at all. Based on the characteristics of the structure of Konjac, also known as devil’s tongue, the Konjac Sponge is optimized for removing dead skin cells from the skin and eliminating wastes in pores.

Acne prone, All skin types, Sensitive skin

Made in Korea

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Volcanic pore and fine sponge structure having an absorbent effect to sebum such as blackhead and whitehead entirely scrub dead skins without any irritation and improve the face refreshed. The Nourishing Red Clay Konjac Sponge is ideal for sensitive and mature skin. The sponge features two textures to exfoliate and refine for a more radiant, youthful appearance. It can be used with your favorite cleanser. Our Konjac Sponges are made on Jeju Island, South Korea from 100% natural vegetable fibers. They are cruelty free, vegan, naturally sustainable, biodegradable and free from chemicals, coloring, additives and irritants.

Ingredients: Konjac 95%, Bamboo Charcoal 5% ,Konjac jelly 92%, Volcanic scoria 8%

How to Use:  

1. Before using it,wet the product to soften it and apply the cleanser to produce bubbles.

2. Massage it onto face with a gentle, circular motion.

3. Hang it at a place with enough air flow ventilation to dry.

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