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Useemi Natural Healing Oriental Herb Mask 25ml


♥Useemi Natural Healing Oriental Herb Sheet from Korea♥ ▶What is Useemi 🙂 ? It is a logo with a smiley face in the alphabet ‘U’meaning to give more people a shiny smile through USEEMI.A brand that makes me stand out more so that each person’s per sonality and beauty shine!Real beauty is me, myself.


Volume: 25ml
All Skin Types 
Made in Korea

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Watery moist formula controls oil-water balance of dry skin and keeps the skin soft and healthy

Fresh water type, highly concentrated moisture essence

insuffcient essence! when using a mask sheet, thake acre of you body with the remaining essence, without worrying about the sheet drying out

Genoderma, Cordyceps, Ginseng helps increase skin immunity

It is safe with skin irritation



Genoderma : Ganoderma lucidum brightens the skin and its strong medical properties help clean up the skin by realeasing waste accumulated throughout the day.

Cordyceps : cordycep’s strong vitality and precious ingredients increase skin immunity

Ginseng : Ginseg, one of the best beneficial plant, contains saponin and helps anti-aging of the skin


How to use:

  • Tone the skin throughly after cleansing
  • Take out the mask sheet and place it over face well
  • Remoce the sheet after 10~20 minutes
  • Pat gently to absorb remaining essence


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